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Bantam Gold Continues to Dominate in MCYHL

Bantam Gold continues to dominate in the Morris County Youth Hockey League with another big win Sunday night against rival Randolph. The Warriors took charge early in the first period to score five straight goals to Randolph’s one and finished with a final score of 10-5 Warriors. Scoring Warriors were Daniel Gallant (Stirling), Severyn Khomak (Watchung), Kailen Vyas (Greenbrook), Alek Bergners (Warren), Paulie Marino (Stirling), and Julian Joglekar (Warren). Andrew Martin (Metuchen) was goalie.

Sev Khomak (Watchung) going in for a goal with Paulie Marino (Stirling), Alex Rozak (Warren) and Sawyer Flynn (Gillette) in the background.

Tough Loss for Bantam Black

Bantam Black played Wayne Friday night at Mennen Arena and while they started off the scoring, the Warriors couldn’t hold the lead.

Early in the first period, Warriors scored a goal unassisted by Alekos Antippas (Summit) ending the first period with a 1-0 lead. Once again, in the second, Warriors kicked things off with an early period goal by Brady Siefert (Warren) off Brendan Dowd (Millington). But Warriors couldn’t hold the 2-0 lead with Wayne scoring four unanswered goals to make the final game score 4-2.

PeeWees Lose a Heartbreaker

A tough loss for the PeeWees against Wayne. While the Warriors came out strong in the first period, they couldn’t hold on to the lead and lost 9-6.

Squirts Come Back to Tie

The Squirts faced West Morris in a match-up that looked grim for the Warriors. With just 37 second left in the second period, the Warriors were down three goals, with the only Warriors goal having been scored early in the first period by Gio Sicignano (Warren).

The Warriors were not to be denied and slowly chipped away at the 4-1 deficit beginning with a second goal by Sicignano in the last seconds of the second period, followed by his hat trick goal with just four minutes left in the game. With only 1:26 left in the game, Brendan Archbold (Warren) came in for the final goal, tying the game 4-4. Holden Flynn (Gillette) was goalie.

Owen Davine (Gillette) plays tough defensively.

Mites Dominate West Morris

The Mite team continues to play well and learns something new each week. In this week’s game the goal was passing and our Mites did well with their stick handling skills to win against West Morris. Ryland Flynn (Gillette) was goalie.

Bantams, Mites, Peewee, Squirts, Warriors Hockey

Game Schedules November 22-24

While some of us are making pie crusts, the Jr. Warriors are playing hockey. Here are this week’s games.

Friday, November 22 Bantam Gold plays Wayne at 9:15pm

Saturday, November 23 the PeeWees take on the NJ Devils at 10:15am

Saturday, November 23 our Mites play Randolph at 3:15pm

Sunday, November 24 Bantam Black plays Roxbury at 7:00am

Sunday, November 24 the Squirts play Rockaway at 12:30pm

Sunday, November 24 the PeeWees are back to play Rockaway at 7:30pm

Bantams, Mites, Peewee, Squirts, Warriors Hockey

Game Schedules November 15-17

Another weekend of great Jr. Warriors hockey. Good luck to all of our teams.

Friday, November 15 Bantam Gold plays Rockaway at 8:45pm

Saturday, November 16 the Mites play Randolph at 11:00am

Sunday, November 17 Bantam Black starts early against Hanover at 8:30am

Sunday, November 17 the Squirts play the NJ Devils (WHAT?!) at 10:00am

Sunday, November 17 our PeeWees finish the weekend against Denville at 7:30pm

Have fun Warriors!

Bantams, Mites, Peewee, Squirts, Warriors Hockey

PeeWees Take Home First Win of the Season

From the looks of the benches, the Watchung Hills Jr. Warriors PeeWees faced a tough match-up against Wayne. The Warriors had just eight players, to Wayne’s 15.

Wayne started off strong in the first period with the game’s first goal, which went unanswered by Watchung Hills, ending the first period 1-0 Wayne. But our PeeWees fired it up in the second period with a goal by Benjamin McDonald (Warren) off Sylie Sawale (Bridgewater) that was quickly followed by an unassisted goal for Michael Kurtas (Basking Ridge). Wayne answered to tie the game and then, late in the second, David Fruda (Greenbrook) scored unassisted to end the second period 3-2 Warriors.

Warriors answered early in the third period with another goal by Fruda, assisted by Sean Gennaro (Greenbrook), followed by an unassisted goal by Kurtas. Wayne answered to make it a still tight 5-3 game, Warriors. With less than three minutes left in the period, Warriors Kurtas scored another with an assist from McDonald and McDonald finished with an unassisted goal. Warriors won 5-3. Goalie was Jackson Fleming (Basking Ridge).

Benjamin McDonald (Warren) skates to the net.

Squirts Go 1-1 on the Weekend

The Watchung Hills Jr. Warriors Squirt hockey team played two games for the weekend. Saturday the team went up against Hanover with a short bench and a disappointing 4-0 loss, but Sunday’s game proved a stronger showing for the team.

Sunday, the team came up against Denville eleven players strong and even teams made all the difference. Denville came in hard in the first period with two unanswered goals, but soon after the Warriors settled in with an unassisted powerplay goal by Peter Martin (Metuchen), followed by another Denville goal. Warriors were ready to answer however, with another unassisted goal by Patrick Linden (Gillette), ending the period 3-2 Denville.

The second period started strong for the Warriors with a short-handed goal by Francisco D’Amico (Gillette) off Giovanni Sicignano (Warren), but they couldn’t hold the lead when Denvile came back for two, ending the period 5-3 Denville.

Denville came in first in the third period with an early goal that was quickly answered by the Warriors Holden Flynn (Gillette) and that was the end for Denville. The Warriors scored three more goals in the third, two unassisted by Samuel Friedman (Warren). With less than three minutes left in the period, Francisco D’Amico put in the winning goal off Bryce Zalepa (Warren) to end with a Warriors 7-6 win.

Goalie for both games was Kayden Thursfield-Ritchie (Warren).

Bryce Zalepa (Warren)

Bantam Teams Split the Weekend

Bantam Gold continued their winning streak Sunday night against a tough West Morris team. The teams were evenly matched in the first period when an early goal for the Warriors by Jack Ost, off Kailen Vyas (Greenbrook) was quickly answered with two goals by West Morris, ending the period 2-1 West Morris.

The game got faster in the second period when the Warriors went unanswered for six goals. Playmakers were Blaze Perez (Stirling) off Paulie Marino (Stirling), Marino off Vyas, Sawyer Flynn (Gillette) and Daniel Gallant (Stirling) unanswered.

West Morris came back in the third with an early goal that was quickly answered by the Warriors Ost off Perez and followed by Flynn off Alek Bergners (Warren). West Morris managed to put another, but couldn’t beat the Warriors who finished the game with a 10- 4 win.

Andrew Martin (Metuchen) was goalie.

Bantam Black started our weekend of Warriors hockey with a tough loss against rival Randolph. The teams appeared evenly matched from the bench, but Randolph came out with a 7-3 win.

Warriors Gold Defense plays tough with Ost and Alex Rozek (Warren) protecting the net. Goalie Andrew Martin.

Mites Defeat Hanover

The Mites Warriors continue to play strong, despite small numbers. Defeating Hanover in a shut-out, Ben Carr (Warren) took his turn in net.

Jamie Jasaitis (Warren) shoots for the mites.
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Game Schedules November 8-10

A full month into the season and we’re excited to see how much our Jr. Hockey Team has grown. Games for all teams all weekend. Good luck teams!

Friday, November 8 Bantam Black plays Randolph at 8:45pm

Saturday, November 9 the PeeWees kick off the day against Wayne at 10:30am

Saturday, November 9 the Squirts play Hanover at 1:30pm

Saturday, November 9 our Mites also play Hanover at 3:15pm

Sunday, November 10 Bantam Gold finishes the weekend against West Morris at 7:30pm

Bantams, Mites, Peewee, Squirts, Warriors Hockey

Warriors Go Head-to-Head in Weekend Bantam Match-Up

Bantam Warriors kicked off the weekend Friday night in a head-to-head game, Gold v. Black, proving the strength of both teams.

Fans came out in our biggest showing yet for the early Friday game. Teams started out friendly, jostling each other on the ice with smiles and laughter in a very even first period. Gold scored the game’s first goal ending the first period in a 1-0 lead.

The game got faster and tougher in the second period as both teams came out hard, playing for the win, but still very evenly matched. Black came out strong with two goals ending the 2nd period with a 2-1 lead, Black. Gold wasn’t to be denied and with two goals in the 3rd, they came out victorious in a 3-2 win for two hard-playing teams.

Goalies were James Knick and Stephen Zwolak (Greenbrook).

Warriors v. Warriors in an evenly matched Bantam faceoff

PeeWees Play Short-Handed

Our short-handed PeeWee team faced Rockaway in touch match. Missing players, the Warriors played up some squirts and worked hard to the end.

Rockaway dominated the first period with four goals, but the Warriors weren’t going to quit, scoring two in the second period. Rockaway ended up winning 10-2.

Warriors goalie was Jackson Fleming (Basking Ridge).

Squirts Dominate Roxbury

The Warriors Squirts team has added quite a few new players in the last few weeks and proven their powerhouse potential.

It was a quick showing for the Warriors with three goals in the first period, all scored by Bryce Zalepa (Warren). Warriors continued to show their dominance the second period with another six goals made by Patrick Linden (Gillette), Giovanni Sicignano (Warren), Holden Flynn (Gillette), and Bryce Zaelpa again. Assists were made by Sawyer Landau (Warren), Ryland Flynn (Gillette) and Patrick Linden. Kayden Thursfield-Ritchie (Warren) played net.

Rockaway sneaked one in during the third period to end the game 10-1 Warriors.

Mites End in Shut-Out

Small but mighty, our mites team took another win, this time in a shut-out with Andrew Shanahan (Stirling) taking his turn in net.

Bantams, Mites, Peewee, Squirts, Warriors Hockey

Game Schedules November 1-3

Only four games this weekend because our two Bantam teams face off in what is sure to be a fun, fast and maybe slightly confusing game for the fans.

All games, as always, at Mennen Arena.

Friday, November 1 Bantam v. Bantam at 6:15pm.

Saturday November 2 the PeeWees play Rockaway at 12:00pm

Sunday, November 3 our Mites play Beacon Hill at 9:30am

Sunday, November 3 the Squirts play Roxbury at 1:45pm

Bantams, Mites, Peewee, Squirts, Warriors Hockey

Warriors Go 2-3 on the Weekend

All five of the Jr. Warriors Hockey teams played over the weekend. Finishing with two wins–for Bantam Gold and our Mites and three losses.

PeeWees V. Rockaway

The PeeWees started off the weekend Friday night against Rockaway in a tough match-up. Rockaway started off strong with three unanswered goals in the first and second periods. The Warriors, slow to start, fired up in the third period with a goal just seconds in by Michael Kurtas (Basking Ridge), assisted by Sean Gennaro (Greenbrook). The goal went unanswered until Kurtas scored again, unassisted on a power play. Minutes later, Rockaway answered to finish the game with a 4-2 loss for the Warriors. Jackson Fleming (Basking Ridge) was goalie.

PeeWee Chelsea Cui

Bantam Black v. Rockaway

Immediately following the PeeWee game, Jr. Warriors Bantam Black took the ice, also against Rockaway in an even tougher matchup.

Despite an onslaught of penalties on Rockaway, the Warriors suffered a 4-0 loss.

Mites v. Rockaway

While Mites don’t technically keep score, we know the kids do. Mites pulled out a win against a big Rockaway team. Beau Carr (Warren) was goalie for this week’s game.

Matching uniforms didn’t confuse the Warriors

Bantam Gold v. Hanover

In the Jr. Warriors’ second win of the weekend, Bantam Gold overtook Hanover in an 8-1 win early Sunday morning. The early-bird game didn’t slow the Jr. Warriors down with Severyn Khomak (Watchung) starting things off halfway into the first period with a goal off Paulie Marino (Stirling) and less than a minute later, Alex Rozek (Warren) put in another unassisted goal. Kailen Vyas (Greenbrook) finished off the first period with assists from Alex Rozek and Blaze Perez (Stirling) leaving the Warriors with a 3-0 lead.

Early in the second period the Warriors Blaze Perez (Stirling) scored off assists from Kailen Vyas and Sawyer Flynn (Gillette), West Morris answered late in the second to leave the period with a score of 4-1 Warriors.

In the third the Warriors went on to score four unanswered goals by Paulie Marino (Stirling), unassisted, Severyn Khomack (Watchung) assisted by Daniel Gallant (Stirling), Alek Bergners (Warren), assisted by Kailen Vyas (Greenbrook), and an unassisted goal again by Severyn Khomak to finish the game.

Alex Rozek skates to the net

Squirts v. West Morris White

Goalie Kayden Thursfield-Ritchie (Warren) kept the Jr. Warriors Squirts in the game against West Morris, taking a total of 40 shows on net. The Squirts lost 6-2.

West Morris scored in the first period with an answer by the Jr. Warriors Owen Devine (Gillette), assisted by Ryland Flynn (Gillette). West Morris scored another to finish the first period 2-1, West Morris.

It was all West Morris in the second period bringing the score to 4-1 going into the third. The Jr. Warriors started the third strong with an unassisted goal by Holden Flynn (Gillette), but they couldn’t recover fast enough and West Morris finished the game with a 6-2 win.

Ryland Flynn
Bantams, Mites, Peewee, Squirts, Warriors Hockey

Game Schedules October 25-27

Good luck Warriors in this weekend’s upcoming games!

A reminder that all games are held at Mennen Arena.

Friday, October 25 the PeeWees take on Rockaway at 6:15pm

Friday, October 25 Bantam Black also plays Rockaway at 7:45pm

Saturday, October 26 the Mites also play Rockaway at 1:45pm

Sunday, October 27 Bantam Gold plays Hanover at 7:00am

Sunday, October 27 our Squirts finish the weekend against West Morris at 10:00am

Good luck to all of our teams!